Personal Services

We are pleased to offer tax services to individuals.

To assist in the preparation of individual tax returns, a checklist of what is needed to make sure each gets the best deal they can on their taxes includes:

General Personal Taxes:

  • Last year’s Notice of Assessment
  • T4 (employees)
  • Medical Expenses
    Dental expenses
    Physiotherapy, massage, etc.
    Health insurance (personal & travel)
  • Children
    Childcare expenses
    Camp expenses
    RC62 (if you receive Child Care Benefits)
  • Pension
    T4A (pension)
    T4 (OAS) (Old Age Security)
    T4AP (Canada Pension Pland)
  • RRSPs
    Contribution Receipts
    T4RSP (RRSSP Withdrawals)
    T4RIF (RRIF Withdrawals)
  • Investments
    T3 (trust/mutual fund income)
    T5 (investment income)
    Statements of investment purchase and sales
  • Any other slips you have received
  • Property Tax (final, not interim)

Employment Expenses

  • T2200 (from your employer)
  • Receipts and/or recrods of expenses you want reported
  • Vehicle expenses (see following)

Rental Property

  • Address
  • Number of apartments/units
  • Other owners’ SINS and % ownership
  • Revenue (rents collected)
  • Expenses
    Interest (on loans and accounts)
    Office Expenses
    Professional Fees
    Management Fees
    Repairs & Maintenance
    Wages & Benefits
    Property Taxes
    Vehicle Expenses (see below)
  • Capital Investments
    Upgrades (construction)
    Major appliances

Vehicle Expenses

Use this for rental, business or employment expenses.

  • Make, model and year of vehicle
  • Kilometres for business
  • Total kilometres for the year
  • Fuel expense
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Lease payments or loan interest
  • Car washes
  • Insurance
  • License and registration expenses